How to Delete a Playstation Account

This is something I've had trouble with. I've tried multiple times with info that I thought was the original, and each time I tried they said it "doesn't match" but yet they wouldn't tell me what was matching! And they also wanted me to tell them the serial number of the first playsation ive ever logged on with, which is absurd because how should I know what it is, since I never knew nor was told to write it down. So essentially, this means I can't delete my account.

Game security is way too much nowadays. they are so concerned with someone "hacking" or cracking your account that they wont even let you delete it when you, the owner, login successfully multiple times! they wont even let you edit your personal info, either! You have to "verify" with them. Lies. So yeah, if you have a solution, please let me know. Thanks.