Thoughts on Some Things

Horrible Game Companies

EA. Money hungry whores. | Rockstar. Stupid American dream games. | Blizzard. Extremely stupid and Irresponsible Blizzard bans player for supporting Hong Kong. | Activision. Also Greedy bitches who can't publish proper games | Ubisoft. Lazy recycling of the same game

Why GNU/Linux is Great!

Free, Libre and Open-Source | no ads | Fun commands | Retro games | no forced updates | Your desktop is yours to command

Cool Linux Apps

Video- VLC/Celluloid/mpv | Music- Rhythmbox | Drawing- GIMP, Inkscape, MyPaint, Krita

How to Browse Securely

Download uMatrix, and turn off everything globally except html and css. Turn on things as desired. The important part here is that Javascript is OFF! So you are limting how much you are being spied on.

Download uBlock Origin and enable the option, "Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP addresses". This will not have your ip leak when doing voice or video calling through a web app. You can also do so in the config section of your browser.

Some Thoughts

When using Tor, remember, you are only anonymous, not private. As on the net, someone can still see what you're doing. They just don't know its "you".

Gopher is a great alternative to the http protocol for basic text pages, without any bloat, ads, trackers, or other nonsense. Browsers that can access it are the links ones (elinks, links, links2, lynx). And you can get extensions for the modern ones to access these sites. Create your own!

Make sure to support small developers who create small projects, like nitter, invidious, and liberapay!

And get into the habit of sharing stuff via Tor/Freenet/i2p/ipfs and P2P only. And encrypt everything.

Serial Experiments Lain fucking sucks and you should watch NGE and GITS before this fanfic garbage. And she is not cute. There I said it. (But you dont seem to understand.)

The 5/5/5 Schedule